The Morning Players team is proud to introduce you to its new website, where you will be able to find some great content about the brand, and more specifically articles talking about our products, showing you our work in progress curso Power BI, introducing you to the team, talking about the events and many other cool stuff.
As you might already know, Morning Players is a French team, we chose to open ourselves to the crowd by editing articles in English with a French translation below
The writers of this blog will be the whole Morning Players team, here it’s Tim (nice to meet you by the way), and I’m the CEO of the company. We will try to let the people, who are part of our ecosystem, make some great content as well. For instance we would like to give some place to game designers and artists, who will be able to talk about their experiences with us and in general. From time to time, we will have some guest bloggers writing some interesting things in this blog, maybe you, if you have interesting things to say.
We would like to let you know that we will stay available day to day to answer to your question and reactions regarding the content of the blog
Stay tuned by following us on facebook, twitter or via RSS flux (for the old-shoolers)!

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